About qbicc

qbicc is an experimental native image compiler for Java with the following features:

  • Cross-compilation - the host OS and CPU are not required to match the target’s OS and CPU
  • Pure Java - does not require any specific JVM distribution to be used or installed, and no JNI is required
  • Support for native compilation using Maven
  • Clean architecture - supports multiple backends and optimizations by way of plugins
  • No JDK needs to be installed on the target (running) system


qbicc runs on any JVM, as long as it is Java 17 or later. The host system must have a working compiler toolchain (C compiler and linker), as well as an LLVM installation for the LLVM backend.

Get started

Get started by reading the README file on GitHub.

Interact with the developers

Join the developer Zulip chat to ask questions, offer ideas or contributions, or observe the development process.

To report an issue, use the GitHub issue tracker.